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We All Love Edward Yang

in development

An ensemble piece and intimate portrait of seven Asian filmmakers, whose paths converge on a movie set in New York City.

As the ragtag gang recount and relive the anecdotes of Edward Yang's legend, they power through the chaotic production full of absurdity and devotion. 

Pitch deck available upon request

​Teaser © by director / writer Colleen Kwok

Music for Plants

short and feature film

in development

Fang, a Chinese woman living in Puerto Rico, finds herself more isolated after losing her father. When her husband Gustavo brings home a plant to keep her company, this triggers an unexpected, surreal transformation that tests their marriage and makes them question the limits of love.

Are You Lonesome Tonight


74th Festival de Cannes

Official Selection: Special Screenings



Berlinale Talents VFF Award



tropical memeories poster.jpg

On a dark night, Xueming hits a pedestrian with his car and flees the scene. Desperate to escape his feelings of guilt, he decides to approach the dead man’s wife, Mrs Liang. Meanwhile, the body is discovered – riddled with bullets. Chen, the detective in charge of the investigation, becomes obsessed with the case. Years later, all three remain caught in a tangled web of memories and lies, desperately searching for a truth that refuses to be revealed…

Yesterday Will Be Perfect

in development

Busan International Film Festival

Asian Project Market MAS Award

釜山电影节亚洲项目市场​ MAS首奖

Based on true events, the film follows three Chinese female students studying at a Toronto University who start an underground fake marriage ring to acquire Canadian citizenship and make a fortune in the process. However, the reckless passion of youth brings them more than they ask for.

Taipei Factory II: Luca
​台北工厂 2:卢卡


2014 71st
Venice Film
2014 Taipei
Golden Horse
Film Festival

Luca travels to Taiwan after his estranged wife's death, planning to go back to Italy as soon as possible to save his business from the economic crisis. But besides the funeral arrangements in an unfamiliar culture, he has some more difficult decisions to make first.



Best Editing
Tel Aviv
Student ​Film Festival

Ines, a 16 year-old runaway, joins a trio of free-willing college students, couple Seba and Lucia and third wheel Marcos, on their way to a music festival in the 70's. 



Growing up as an introverted kid, I often made up stories in my head to keep myself company. After coming across Kieslowski's Three Colors trilogy in middle school, I fell in love with the "electric shadows" - as cinema is called in Chinese - and received my MFA in Film from Columbia University fifteen years later. You can find more of my filmography and bio here, or on IMDb.

Besides telling stories through films, I currently work at Google as a content strategist, exploring the expansion of artistic expression aided by emerging technology, and vice versa.