In My Lifetime


Documentary | USA 2011 109 min | Website

Director & Producer: Robert E. Frye

In My Lifetime features moments in our history as well as current issues regarding nuclear weapons. This film is meant to be a wakeup call for humanity, to help develop an understanding of the realities of the nuclear weapon, to explore ways of presenting the answers for "a way beyond" and to facilitate a dialogue moving towards resolution of this Gordian knot of nuclear weapons gripping the world. 


With an extensive amount of research, I translated the film from English to Chinese, ensuring accuracy and intelligibility.

The Nuclear Requiem


Documentary | USA 93 min 2016 | Website

Director & Producer: Robert E. Frye

The Nuclear Requiem reviews some of the recent more hopeful developments, including the Iranian nuclear agreement and greatly improved verification capabilities, as well as voices from a new generation of younger experts and activists who are working globally to change the dialogue around what is possible.


In 2018, director and producer Robert invited me to collaborate for the second time, translating the documentary from English to Chinese.

Detective Chinatown 2


Comedy Mystery | China 121min 2018 | More info

Detective Chinatown 2 (Chinese: 唐人街探案 2) is a 2018 Chinese comedy-mystery buddy film directed and written by Chen Sicheng, starring Wang Baoqiang and Liu Haoran. A sequel to 2015's Detective Chinatown, the film was released in China and the U.S in February, 2018. It has grossed over US$544 million worldwide, making it the fourth-highest-grossing film of all time in China.


The majority of the movie was shot in New York with an international cast and crew. I translated the screenplay from Chinese to English with the sense-to-sense method, localizing a series of entities and cultural references in the subtitles for the American audience.